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RainReserve System
Water is essential to all forms of life on Earth.  Overtime, however, excessive use, waste and contamination, have put our own fresh water supplies at risk.  Rain harvesting is a simple, low cost, and very effective piece of the puzzle that anyone can practice.  The RainReserve™ Rain Barrel System makes rain harvesting simple.  Purchase a system with easy DIY instructions or call us for single or multiple system installation.  See our info page for downloadable material.
Our goal is to help individuals and communities promote, preserve and protect our natural resources, while restoring the human bond with nature!  Our services include, but are not limited to:

Rain Gardens
Shoreline Restoration
High wave action or runoff erosion can lead to the deterioration of your shoreline property.  This results in decreased property values and a loss of wildlife habitat. These streambanks and shorelines can be stabilized with a variety of bioengineering techniques.  Native plants secure these structures to the shoreline while a native upland buffer improves water quality, provides wildlife habitat and YES deters those pesky geese.  See our info page for downloadable material.
​Tree planting, Invasive species control, Prairie establishment
Additional Services
RainReserve™ Rain Barrels
Coir fiber log with native plantings
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Our rain gardens are designed with native perennial wildflowers and grasses, which require little maintenance or no chemicals compared to traditional landscape designs.  Rain gardens serve as a short-term pond by capturing runoff from rooftops and driveways while recharging our groundwater supplies.  Also, this measure prevents contaminants from entering our precious lakes and streams.  Collectively, community rain gardens can produce substantial environmental benefits. Birds & butterflies will thank you for them!  See our info page for downloadable material.